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Honesty, Integrity and the Law

David Joycey delivers quality legal services at a reasonable cost, he also accepts clients who qualify for Legal Aid. He has practiced law in Manitoba for 29 years during which time he has proved to be a successful negotiator and litigator.

Mr. Joycey has a long-standing interest in both rural and urban communities. His office is located conveniently close to the law court at 386 Broadway #301, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3R6 and can be reached via 204.232.5261.

Child Protection

Advocating for parents and families who have been affected by CFS

You may need David Joyceys services if

  • CFS is about to apprehend your child
  • CFS has apprehended your child
  • You have been served with court papers by CFS
  • You have concerns about your child who is a temporary or premanent ward of CFS
  • You are a parent wanting to have or change visits with your child who is in care of CFS
  • You are grandparent seeking access to a child in care of CFS
  • You are a familiy memeber who wants CFS to place a child with you
  • You are a family member seeking guardianship of a child in care of CFS
  • Your CFS matter is appearing in court in Winnipeg
  • You find the whole CFS and court process overwhelming and you need an experience lawyer to explain your rights and help you to exercise them.

For a free confidential consultation, without obligation call (204) 232-5261 or fill out the form below.

Representation of Children in Family Matters 

Description of Services 

  • Review the relevant issues as identified by counsel for each part; 

  • Meet with the child(ren) (usually 2 or 3 meetings) 

  • Provide a report to parties’ counsel outlining the child(ren)’s position; 

  • Respond to any questions arising from the report; 

  • Attend Case Management Conferences, four-way meetings or trials as requested; 

  • Provide any other services as agreed upon in advance

The goal is to provide counsel, and the Court, with a clear and accurate report of the child’s position on the issues of custody and access.

Upon request of the parties or order of the Court, a suggested “best interest” position may also be provided for the parties’ consideration. 

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